Yann Tiersen Album

French composer Yann Tiersen releases his first solo piano album, a musical map of his home island of Ushant

Known for his soundtracks to Amélie and Good Bye Lenin!, composer Yann Tiersen has now released his first solo piano album Eusa.

While the album was recorded in London’s Abbey Road, Eusa’s 10 tracks form a musical map of Tiersen’s home island Ushant (or “Eusa” in the local Breton language), which is located between Brittany and Cornwall in the Celtic sea.

Each track is named after a location on the island. Tiersen took field recordings from each place and used them for the album – they appear between pieces.

Following the release of Eusa, Yann Tiersen will tour Europe, starting in Lisbon on 8 October and ending in Vienna on 20 October.