What to see at SXSW 2017

Our selection of must-see sets, talks and film screenings

Wagner Moura

In a keynote speech, Wagner Moura discusses diversity in Hollywood alongside actress Alice Braga. The coverstar of Jocks & Nerds Issue 20 will be addressing the topic of on-screen diversity in the future.

Grandmaster Flash

Showcasing the leader of the Furious Five rap group, the Bronx’s Grandmaster Flash will be mixing, scratching and spinning tracks as he has since 1976.

Moses Boyd

Moses Boyd is a composer and drummer, who combines jazz, Afrobeat, grime and electronica. Boyd’s traditional way of playing, mixed with his contemporary beats and production, has earned him a number of personal accolades alongside collaborative projects. Don’t miss his set.

Yuseef Kamaal

Signed to Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood record label, Yuseef Kamaal are a London jazz duo combining the sounds of Thelonious Monk with experimental synths and programmed drums.

David Lynch: The Art Life

An insight into the formative years of the Twin Peaks director. From his upbringing in small town USA to the dark streets of Philadelphia, the film follows Lynch as he explores the events that influenced his distinct style.