Werner Herzog: Lo and Behold Premiere

German director Werner Herzog's new documentary, which looks at the way the Internet has transformed human experience, is to have a virtual premiere

Lo and Behold, the latest documentary from the major German film director Werner Herzog, is to be premiered at London's Picturehouse Central on 12 October, this Wednesday. Concurrently it will be streamed to over 60 cinemas across the United Kingdom, and available to livestream from the film's website.

The premiere will be followed by a Q&A with comedian and director Richard Ayoade, himself a devotee of electronic media.

Lo and Behold explores the often ignored intricacies and all-pervasive power of the Internet. Through interviewing a wide variety of largely eccentric subjects, Herzog reveals a tapestry of fragments and tales, ranging from technological evangelists to victims of online bullying. It also speculates on the moral and philosophical questions that will underpin the Internet's future.

Although he created shorts and two feature films in the 1960s, Werner Herzog rose to prominence over the following decade. One of the leading lights of New German Cinema, and undoubtably the most popularly known, works such as Aguirre, The Wrath of God (1972) and The Enigma of Kasper Hauser (1974) established an uncompromising, albeit often humorous, style.

Since Cobra Verde (1987), Herzog's fiction career has been in abeyance. His documentary side, however, has flourished. With his idiosyncratic, deadpan voiceovers and penchant for allowing his subjects to display their own eccentricities, Herzog has covered everything from early aviation to ancient French cave paintings, Tibetan Buddhism to American death row prisoners. Contemporaneously to Lo and Behold, Herzog has produced Into the Inferno, a look at volcanos. It is available on Netflix from 28 October.