Tubby Hayes Album and Book

The late saxophonist Tubby Hayes is remembered with a printed discography and an album re-release

Two releases remember the legacy of the British jazz saxophonist Edward Brian ‘Tubby’ Hayes, who rose to prominence some 60 years ago.

The music publishers Names and Numbers have put out the full printed Hayes discography, 100% Proof compiled by Simon Spillett and C. Tom Davis. It is the most detailed document on Hayes’s recorded work, as well as information on TV and film work.

Harkit Records is re-releasing the Tubby Hayes album Change of Setting. The album is the second of Hayes’s collaborations with Duke Ellington’s tenor Paul Gonsalves – also featuring Ronnie Scott, Tony Coe and Terry Shannon. It is highly sought after by Hayes fans as it was deleted soon after its initial release in 1965 on World Record Club.

In 1951, as a teenager, Tubby Hayes began his career as a professional tenor saxophonist in the band of the trumpeter Kenny Baker. Inspired by modern jazz recordings from the US – particularly by Charlie Parker – Hayes sought to play what he heard in the UK.

A virtuoso performer with a lightning fast technique, he formed his own band in 1955 at the age of 20, and teamed up with saxophonist Ronnie Scott to form the Jazz Couriers in 1957. The group became of the UK’s best known modern jazz groups.