'Float' by Marjan van Aubel

"An hour of sun could power the world for a year."

Every hour, enough sunlight hits the earth to power the entire world for a year. There are about 1.2 billion people who live without access to safe and reliable electricity. Our existing solar technology captures only a fraction of that energy, but can make a big difference.

No electricity means that once the sun drops, the day ends. Kerosene lamps are expensive, dangerous and only increase atmospheric CO2 levels. For children who can’t do their homework at night, for their parents who can’t find extra income by taking domestic jobs, no light means shorter days which will limit productivity.

This quandary inspired designer Marjan van Aubel to create, ‘Float’, in which solar lamps charge during the day and then ascend at dusk, to spread light as the sun falls. The piece uses similar lamps that TOMS Solar Giving Partners, SolarAid and Solar Sister help to provide to people in need, offering safe and reliable light sources, for a brighter future.

The piece was created in collaboration with Jocks & Nerds and TOMS. The brand, famed for its conscious approach to fashion, has built its business on giving back with the One for One® model. For TOMS’ latest give, the brand will help provide a year of solar light for a person in need, with every TOMS band for Apple Watch purchased.

TOMS bands for Apple Watch are available in two collections, Utility and Wanderlust, inspired by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie’s collection of friendship bracelets from around the world. They are designed for travel and adventure, featuring premium, durable grosgrain or woven fabric and genuine leather with stainless steel detailing. Each band of the collection gives light – for the family that receives them, the day becomes hours longer. They’re no longer bound by the passage of the sun, but can work after dark towards a more promising tomorrow.

Watch our film of Marjan’s work to see ‘Float’ in action, then share to help provide solar light to the people who need it most.