Thinkpiece: No Stain

The London trio Thinkpiece's debut single is a subtle, hypnotic blend of guitar and electronics

The London-based trio Thinkpiece have released their debut single ‘No Stain’, in both limited seven-inch vinyl form and online. The accompanying video can be watched on Youtube.

While taking some clear influences from both trip hop and 21st-century Radiohead, ‘No Stain’ has a cleanness, subtly and atmosphere that are all its own. Vocalist Callum Finn’s gossamer falsetto soars above synths, drum loops and keening guitar, creating a harmonious yet melancholy soundscape.

Thinkpiece are part of the NuBrain collective, which also includes the west London producers Elliott Power and Mïnk, along with a host of artists and filmmakers.

The band’s next gig is on 29 March at The Finsbury, near Manor House tube station.