Kate Bush: The Kate Inside

Kabuki makeup, spacesuits and shoulderpads: photographer Guido Harari publishes his images of Kate Bush

From 1982-1993, the Italian music photographer Guido Harari photographed the singer-songwriter Kate Bush. The Kate Inside is a book and exhibition that compiles 300 images from this period.

It contains photographs, polaroids, contact sheets, personal notes from Bush and outtakes of shoots from her albums The Dreaming, The Sensual World, Hounds of Love, The Red Shoes, and her film The Line, the Cross * the Curve.

For the book, Bush said: “I love to work with Guido. He makes you feel special without even saying anything. I think of him as an artist as well as a photographer. He is very creative and inventive and I always look forward to what he’ll come up with next.”