The Friends of Eddie Coyle

The Friends of Eddie Coyle joins Eureka’s Masters of Cinema series

Based on the novel by George V. Higgins, Peter Yates’s 1973 movie The Friends of Eddie Coyle plunges viewers into the murky seams of the Boston underworld.

Robert Mitchum (featured in Jocks&Nerds issue 9) plays the title character, a bakery deliveryman who moonlights as a gunrunner for the local mob. Faced with a prison sentence, he decides to turn informant, but events quickly escalate beyond his control.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle continues with the theme of alienation seen in Yates’s previous films Robbery (1967) and Bullitt (1968). It’s a grimy tale of shattered loyalties and allegiances, anchored by Mitchum’s performance as a man broken by the brutish world that surrounds him.

A new dual-format release of the film on Eureka Entertainment’s Masters of Cinema series includes a filmed interview with Yates and a video appreciation of Eddie Coyle from critic Glenn Kelly. It comes with a 44-page booklet.