See Yohji Yamamoto's art for the first time

The designer swaps clothes for canvas for the first exhibition of his own artwork, Painting and Weaving Opportunity, in collaboration with artist Yuuka Asakura

Yohji Yamamoto's clothes have long expressed his interest in art. For this summer's collection, those influences became literal; painter Yuuka Asakura daubed his pieces with neon brush strokes that explored how traditional Japanese craft exists in the modern world. The pair have collaborated every season since (she created the pen-and-ink illustrations of the designer for the follow-up collection) and, from 10 December, Yamamoto steps into Asakura's world for the first exhibition of his own painting.

Painting and Weaving Opportunity explores where paint and textiles intersect, and how images change when they move from a 2D canvas to 3D clothes. The name was offered by Yamamoto's friend, editorial engineer Seigow Matsuoka, and refers to the child-like joy that comes with the act of creating something. The exhibition offers an insight into Yamamoto's own creative process, with his clothes shown on oddly shaped bodies that are designed to make the viewer question their own perceptions of what it means to wear fashion. It takes a designer like Yohji Yamamoto to give weight to its claim.