See Victorinox's new space shuttle watch

Made with Nasa-approved carbon, which can withstand temperatures of up to 1,260 degrees

Like it knives, Victorinox's watches offer rather more functions than simply telling the time. The brand's latest is an update to its already hard-as-nails Inox line (to demonstrate the watch's durability the brand ran it over with a tank). The new version takes the toughness out of this world.

Included in its ingredients are military grade paracord (the lines that secure people to parachutes) and anti-scratch sapphire crystal. The case is crafted from carbon resin, more commonly used on the exterior of space shuttles, since it can withstand the temperatures of re-entry without melting.

But even if the materials are unexpected, the design is classic Victorinox – a red, white and black face and two black bands, in either paracord or rubber. The only thing it can't do is take stones out of horse's hooves.