See Tourne de Transmission’s new Japan-inflected collaboration

It might be because Japanese fashion has long been inaccessible, that there’s a glut of British brands who craft their own takes on the east. Tourne de Transmission’s approach is particularly interesting – London’s styles reimagined in Tokyo silhouettes.

(Click the gallery to see images of the full collection)

For its new collaboration with River Island – the latest in the retailer’s Design Forum initiative – that influence is made even more explicit: think kimono coats, indigo-dyed linen trousers and patchwork sweatshirts.

“We worked closely with River Island’s design team; first of all understanding what it was that attracted them to our aesthetic and then researching concepts together,” says Graeme Gaughan, the brand’s founder and creative director. “From there we were able deliver something new and exciting for the River Island man that not only stays true to the TDT brand, but appeals to River Island’s global audience.”

And best of all, it’s all available without import duty.