See the most important images from Hiroshi Sugimoto's 40-year career

Foam Gallery explores the photographer's 40-year career in a new exhibition, 'Black Box'

Hiroshi Sugimoto photographs time. Over four decades, he has mastered the marriage of concept and execution in works that reward the eyes as much as the mind. He works with traditional techniques and tools to create large-scale images, which explore ideas of what it is that photography captures and what it never can.

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From his substantial archive, Foam's Phillip Larratt-Smith has selected 34 large-format works that provide an overview of one of photography's most influential artists. The exhibition, Black Box, includes images from Dioramas, in which Sugimoto captures museum dioramas in lifelike detail; Lightning Fields, a camera-free project that saw him apply 40,000 volts directly to photographic film; and Theaters, which renders full cinema auditoriums lifeless with long exposure, anything that moves wiped out by time to leave only empty seats and a glowing, white screen.

Many of the projects are ongoing, which makes Black Box less a retrospective, more a snapshot of where Sugimoto's career is at this particular moment. A moment in time, captured in timeless images.