Reissue: Jungle Brothers

Get On Down reissues Jungle Brothers's 1988 hip-house hit 'I'll House You', produced by the legendary Todd Terry

When the golden-age New York rap trio Jungle Brothers released ‘I’ll House You’ in 1988, they scored the first hip-house hit released outside of Chicago.

Get On Down, a Boston-based record label, is now reissuing ‘I’ll House You’ in clear vinyl. The vinyl can be purchased alone or in a limited edition bundle with an ‘I’ll House You’ T-shirt and the Jungle Brothers’s 1988 debut album Straight Out the Jungle. The album comes as a two-slip case with vocal and instrumental versions.

Produced by New York house legend Todd Terry, 'I'll House You' became an instant club favourite. In the aftermath of its success, the relationship between hip hop and dance acts became more open than ever before.

In the words of Jungle Brothers founding member Afrika Baby Bam, “They were laughing at it at first, but it became our biggest hit of that time! We were just having fun with it.”

The B-side of 'I'll House You' features ‘On the Run’, a track that samples the jazz percussionist Ralph MacDonald and English rock band Babe Ruth.