Portrait of Britain

A new UK-wide exhibition of 100 photographic portraits captures the vibrancy and variety of contemporary Britain

Organised by The British Journal of Photography, Portrait of Britain sees photographic portraits displayed on digital screens around Britain.

100 portraits - selected from 4,000 entries - will be displayed in retail spaces, alongside roads and in train stations. The winning portraits create a picture of Britain's diversity, while exposing the multifarious styles available to the contemporary photographer.

A few celebrities - musicians Maxi Jazz and Stormzy, photographer Don McCullin and baker Nadiya Hussein - feature, but by and large the exhibition focuses on the British public.

Simon Bainbridge, editorial director of the British Journal of Photography, salutes the exhibition's connection to lived experience. "These are pictures that we all take in everyday life, but raised to a higher level by selecting, editing and presenting them in such a wide-ranging public exhibition."

The winning images can be viewed on the exhibition's website