Plunge into the eerie world of William Eggleston

An exhibition at Foam traces the pioneering photographer's road trips across southern and western USA

If a photography is the art of light, William Eggleston paints with a Texas Petawatt Laser. Seldom has a photographer captured colour so deeply. Under Eggleston's gaze, America's Deep South becomes a place of wonder and revelation.

It also becomes weird and wild, peopled with eccentrics and riven with outlandish encounters. A new exhibition at Amsterdam's Foam shows Eggleston's world at its most bizarre.

The Los Alamos series comprises shots from road trips taken between 1966 and 1972, it takes in work from his hometown of Memphis, the Mississippi Delta, New Orleans, Las Vegas and California, as well as the titular New Mexican town of Los Alamos, birthplace of the atom bomb. The series also contains his first colour photograph.

Given that Eggleston can turn something so anodyne as an airplane sazerac into an image two parts beauteous and one part strange, this looks to be a show to catch.