Peter Lindbergh’s new surrealist exhibition

This May, the Gagosian Gallery have presented a selection of works by surrealist sculptor, Alberto Giacometti, and a series of photographs of the respective sculptures, taken by fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh. The Substance and Shadow exhibition is a result of an invitation to Lindbergh from the Kunsthaus Zurich, holders of the world’s largest Giacometti collection, to photograph the artist’s bronze and plaster sculptures.

Known for his cinematic photography style and fashion orientated bodies of work, the German photographer made his name shooting supermodels in black and white, with little to no retouching going into his work. Lindbergh redefined the role and expectations of photographers in the fashion industry declaring in 2014, “This should be the responsibility of photographers today- to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection.”

Lindbergh’s approach demanded the subject be in it’s natural state. It is perhaps, with this sentiment in mind, why the Kunsthaus found it fitting that Lindbergh was the one to photograph Giacometti’s textured and abstract subjects.

The Swiss-born Giacometti moved to Paris in 1922 to learn sculpture under Antoine Bourdelle, an associate of Rodin. It was during this period, he began experimenting with cubism and surrealism, later to be regarded as one of the leading surrealist sculptors.

A selection of unseen prints have been blown up for the Gagosian and their respective subjects have been presented in the collaboration.

Substance and Shadow is on now

The Gagosian Gallery, 6-24 Britannia St, Kings Cross, London, WC1