Paul Vickery: Boxer

London's Exposure Gallery exhibits the collaboration between photographer Paul Vickery and Barry Kamen, the late artist and stylist

London's Exposure Gallery is to host Boxer, a collaborative exhibition between photographer Paul Vickery and the late stylist Barry Kamen. Curated by Exposure's Raoul Shah, the exhibition collects Vickery's photographs of the boxer Ramon Levy-Lassie.

After meeting Levy-Vassie by chance on the London Underground, Vickery struck a friendship with the boxer that soon sprung into a sort of research project. For a year, Vickery shot Levy-Vassie on film as he progressed from training to his first fights as a professional. As the series moves on, it depicts Levy-Vassie in an ever more stylised manner.

The shots were styled by Barry Kamen, who passed away last October. The exhibition thus opens on the anniversary of his death. Part of the famed Buffalo fashion collective in the 80s, Kamen worked as artist, filmmaker, model and stylist. He also worked as a guiding mentor for Jocks & Nerds magazine, styling several stories and appearing on the cover of the first issue.