'Off Season', a photographic project by David Goldman

Four years ago, David Goldman began a personal project photographing his home town of Brighton during its 'off season' – Goldman’s favourite time of year in the winter when the town is empty of its tourists.

Intrigued to explore other seaside towns beyond Brighton during their off seasons, Goldman started travelling the country by himself, at first in day trips in his car and then going further, relying on the hospitality of friends. The photographic result of his travels was a series of ghost towns whose other industries were almost entirely obscured by empty tourist attractions and vacant, run-down hotels.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of people like Mark Power and Stephen Shore,” says Goldman, “and I just love the aesthetic they have of finding these empty spaces and just creating something beautiful out of nothing.

“The project is very British, it's melancholic and quite dull and dreary. I like those things. It’s an interesting aesthetic for me. It’s very much the opposite end of the spectrum where you go down the super luxury end that might appeal to someone who might wear a 5,000 pound Louis Vuitton coat. It’s not my bag. I like things when they are a little bit run down, there’s a history and a story behind it.”