NBA Crossover Exhibition

Looking at how the worlds of basketball and popular culture collide

That basketball in America and highly regarded pop cultural elements in fashion, music and entertainment are inextricably linked is certainly not a new phenomenon. Everything from former NBA player Waymon Tisdale being a jazz recording star to the influence of Michael Jordan on street fashion points to the fact that players and fans alike have always had their finger on the pulse.

Now the Association itself is acknowledging the fact with a free exhibition being held at Kachette in Shoreditch from 28-30 October, called 'NBA Crossover'. The exhibition will feature, among others, music and fashion sections, as well as the chance to play the recently launched NBA2K17.

As former player Steve Nash (now a filmmaker in his own right) pointed out at the announcement of the event, basketball has a "unique culture' – something that 'NBA Crossover' will put all under one roof for the first time.