Living for Kicks: A Mods Graphic Novel

A new graphic novel by Jim McCarthy and Kevin Cross delves into the London's 60s mod scene

Out via Omnibus Press, Living for Kicks is a graphic novel set within London's 1960s mod scene.

The story stars Spike Spellane, a Mod trying to open up his own record label in the sleazy Soho of the time. His exploits intersect with those of real life musicians and gangsters, and delve into contemporary settings. Spellane's misadventures ultimately lead him to the English coast, to the vicious battles between Mods and Rockers that soured the decade's countercultural weal.

Living for Kicks is a collaboration between author Jim McCarthy and illustrator Kevin Cross. McCarthy has written graphic autobiographies of numerous bands and artists, as well as Voices of Latin Rock, which inspired a high profile concert series. Most recently, McCarthy has written a graphic novel tracing the Life and Death of Keith Moon.

The Portland-based Cross, meanwhile, has illustrated everything from children's books to skateboard graphics, while working on his comic book The Monkey Mod & Friends Show and playing in hardcore punk bands.