The 17-year old Glasgow-based MC Kayzie hopes to change the future of grime music. We caught up with him for a chat as he prepares to release his first single

It was only a year ago when MC Kayzie discovered his passion for grime. Aged 17, he is already looking to change the future of the scene.

While growing up in Leicester and Cornwall, Kayzie now feels at home in Scotland. But, as an MC who has moved around the country, he is aware that he is coming up away from grime’s birthplace.

True lyrics are easier to remember

Grime music emerged in east London with names such as Dizzee Rascal, Lethal Bizzle and Wiley in the early 2000s. Grime draws from a variety of influences including UK garage, drum and bass, hip hop and dancehall.

Grime quickly moved north from its home in London and notable artists emerged from all over the UK. Scotland is currently a major hub, with a variety of grime artists such as Shadoh, Melroze and Ransom FA.

Glasgow-based Shadoh started making music at age 15. His raw talent and hard-hitting bars quickly earned him popularity in Scotland. From the same city, MC Melroze, who emerged last year, has so far released three solo music videos and featured on tracks with Shadoh. Further north in Aberdeen, the established Ransom FA has supported London acts such as Skepta, Krept and Konan and J-Hus.

Inspired by Scottish MCs such as these, Kayzie’s move to Glasgow triggered his decision to become a grime artist. Under Moxie Media Management, Kayzie has already released several freestyles. He has also finished his first single with Shadoh, which has yet to receive a release date.

In anticipation of Kayzie’s first studio track, we caught up with him for a chat.

When did you become interested music?
Well, it has always been a part of my life. Songs have always been representing moments in my life. But grime in itself has been with me for at least four five years. I have been listening, but I had never done it. I only started writing last year. Its been about 10 month since I been writing.

Grime or hip hop?
Grime. Always Grime. Well hip-hop got me into grime. But I'd listen to hip-hop and just smoke some weed and freestyle over it. I would spit over whatever we'd listen too and say what I had to say. That is what actually got me into rapping and music. I thought to myself, "Actually, why not try a bit of grime, a bit quicker?" I liked it. This was actually my dream and what else can I do really?

I got my music and that’s mad

Explain your relationship with grime?
It is love. It is a part of my fam. Grime is always in my head, when you have to be or go somewhere, you are always thinking about lyrics. I freestyle in my head a lot and need to write down more. But I am just doing what I am doing, I am not going to push myself. I am not at that stage where I know a lot. People say I am good, but I have just been doing this for 10 months.

I have seen some of your freestyles. For a 17 year old doing grime, it was impressive. In one of the freestyles you were with the rapper Big Tom?
Ah Tom! We’ve been best friends since I am four.

Did he help get you into grime music?
He did, but we did mostly together. When we freestyle, it would always be about reaching a higher level. We'd always push each other, we’d always progress with each other. In school, he would be the bad one, and then I would be the bad one. With music, he would be the better one, then I would be the better one and it would just go back and fourth.

How about your lyrics?
I always have stuff in my head, but true shit is a lot easier to remember. I must admit, people probably haven't said that at all: true lyrics are easier to remember, true lyrics about actual real experiences like your mum and that. Should I actually just go for bit?

It is love; it is a part of my fam

Go for it.
Love is a word that I cant feel
Too many man being fake, but only some man real
Someone take a chance to spit near that roulette wheel
So I give her what I do no now, so my mum could heal
Heal her from bad to good, that would be my deal
Man pull up in the gaff for the bat mobile
Man's not shy to use the dagger with steel
To most man that's ideal
He is not on the level that I'm on
Path byers on the wrong side, get one
Man ride to the top you get stepped on
Lick a man down like a get gone
Shut up you, should get gone
Round about this time, your mum got a wet thong
So man know that I'm going to get some, get some
Stick the Netflix on, man a be a boss and
Get shit done, get shit done
See a man with a pouch, better run
What's more undetected, skank or a gun?
I wouldn't say my house hold was fun
Trying to analyse why I got a upset mum
Can not stop thinking she wanted her life to be done
At 14 I felt numb, at school I done none
Just there for the pun,
But there was snakes, theres always some
Little man’s putting on a front
Little man’s putting on a front

That's my new freestyle coming out, well not all of it but thats something.

As the rookie of the scene, are you influenced by veteran grime artists?
I am the youngest guy outta everybody, the rookie. But to be honest no, really I am not that influenced by them. This is what I do, I don't associate with the others. This is all about music. I've had enough of going out and messing around so you know I need to chase my dream, quickly.

Grime became huge in the last couple of years with big names such as Skepta and Stormzy. What do you think of the current state of grime?
Well to be honest, grime is going global. I mean even the Chinese do it. Even Chinese do grime, not in english, but they do it in their language. Australia is even competing against us you know, they sending their discs over. But like, it is going global: in a couple more years grime is going to become the biggest thing.

Do you want to become an icon like Skepta?
I've got people in Africa listening to my stuff, they even want me to do a show down there. I have already sent it [his music] to a couple of people, so like I want to go global with this. When you hype Skepta like how he raps, everybody can rap like that. At the moment he is simply the best at it, everybody is just waiting for his stuff to drop. The thing is: he is too overrated.

Grime is just getting better. It is just harder now to get known. So you have to do your own thing and send a message. You know I want to start talking about illuminati soon. All about that sort of shit, that will get people listening.

Is your ultimate goal to change the future of grime?
Yeah. I am here to make a change in the game. I’m just chasing this goal, it is has been a thing for a while but not now. When I am 24-25 for sure, but not right now, I’m only 17. I have years and years to do this. I have years for everything.