Jean-Claude compiles Deep Jazz Vol. 2

The If Music founder takes a triple-vinyl trip through under-the-radar and long out of print jazz cuts

Records long ignored have often been so for a reason. But too often, just because they’ve been found festering in someone’s basement, they’re imbued with an allure of rediscovery. Not so with the second Deep Jazz compilation, put together by Jean-Claude Thompson, the founder of If Music record store and one half of Amalgamation of Soundz.

Instead, he’s focused on cuts that never had their moment in the sun, or which have spent years unfairly out of print. The triple-vinyl LP also makes the most of its length, with a sprawling horn-and-bass workout from Sparrow and the spiritual funk of trombonist Dick Griffin’s ‘Now is the Time’, from a rarely spotted LP that normally stretches collectors’ pockets.

As you’d expect from a head with as much understanding of the dancefloor as dusty crates, is a compilation that offers as much to jazz neophytes as trainspotters.