Jay Strongman: Popcorn Heartbreaks

Jay Strongman’s compilation of underground soul and R&B tracks includes music by the likes of Frank Minion, the Radiants and Patsie Slater

BBE Records is to release a soul and R&B compilation by the DJ and pop and subculture writer Jay Strongman.

Jay Strongman presents: Popcorn Heartbreak includes 19 underground tracks of the late 1950s through to the early 1960s. Featured on the album are songs by Frank Minion, The Radiants, Jesse James, Damita Jo, Hillard Street and Patsie Slater to name a few.

Jay Strongman grew up in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s. He was heavily influenced by the American TV shows, movies and music that permeated British culture at the time. His love for mid-20th Century Americana led him to create his own neo-Rockabilly store Rock-a-Cha in Kensington Market, west London in 1979. He formed a band called the El-Trains the same year.

In the 1980s Jay Strongman became a key player in London's 1980s club scene, which led to his career as an international DJ. Strongman is also a writer and has released two art books on popular culture and a novel.