Jaga Jazzist’s intimate Roundhouse gig

The Norwegian group begin 2017 with a show in Camden

The Roundhouse turns 50 next year. To mark that milestone, it will open 2017 with a series of intimated performances called, ‘In the Round’.

Among the featured artists is Norwegian group Jaga Jazzist, who mix jazz, rock, hip hop, electronica and classical in a blend that’s difficult to classify. If it could be photographed, their music would resemble one of those deep-space galaxy shots taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Vast in scope but revealing a seemingly infinite number of tiny details when magnified.

“As a group, we have few rules about how we do things,” said Jaga frontman Lars Horntveth. “An important one is, try to make the opposite of what we did last time.”

Lars Horntveth formed Jaga in 1994 with his drummer and brother Martin, and their sister Line, who plays tuba, euphonium and flute. For In the Round, the group will perform tracks from their seventh album and fourth Ninja Tune release Starfire, as well as from their back catalogue. Starfire was recorded by the eight-piece core band, most of whose members double on synths, augmented by a seven-piece string section, co-producer Jørgen Træen on Korg MS-20 and, on one of the five tracks, synth builder Leon Dewan on his own Swarmatron – a hand-made electronic instrument that uses multiple oscillators and a ribbon controller to create a simultaneous swarm of notes.

Alongside Jaga Jazzist, In the Round will welcome Canadian-American folk-rocker Martha Wainwright, singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt, Senegalese fusion group Orchestra Baobab and the Welsh rock star, antiquarian and author Julian Cope. For those lost for ideas in the New Year, the Roundhouse is delivering the goods.