Harry Adams: Water Springs Eternal

The pseudonymous painting duo Harry Adams present work from the last two years at Farringdon's John Merchant Gallery

Harry Adams, the artistic duo composed of Adam Wood and Steve Lowe, is to show work at the John Marchant Gallery, Farringdon. It is their first solo show since 2012.

The pair's new exhibition, which bears the tongue-twistingly long title Water Springs Eternal From The Impossible Garden Of Light And Other Imperfect Constructions Demonstrating The Mechanics Of Our Revolt, gathers work produced during the past two years.

All painted in oil and beeswax encaustic on cotton-covered boards, the works produced for the show largely draw upon architecture, theology and history. 'Imperfect Construction' is based on a 13th century illuminated manuscript, and features God explaining the nature of the Tree of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. Other works draw on 15th century Swabian book on fencing etiquette, the concrete sound mirrors in Dungeness, the sacred Umbrian mountain Monteluco and philosopher Jeremy Bentham's plans for the Panopticon.

While several of Harry Adams' paintings deal with the legendary garden of Augustus's wife Livia, another set depicts the more immediate joys of the English countryside, such as 'Clouds Over Pasture' and 'Cultivated Lands.' Paintings of knowledge and pleasure are juxtaposed with those that present more rubble-strewn landscapes which find the bucolic in the brutal.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book, which has an introduction by the artist and writer Neal Brown. The volume is both a catalogue and an exploration of the thought behind the duo's work, and is available for free to all who visit the gallery.