Florence Trust Summer Exhibition

Set up in 1990, the London-based charity Florence Trust offers artists a year-long studio residency in its neo-Gothic church Saint Saviour’s, culminating with a summer exhibition

The London-based Florence Trust offers a development programme and studio residency for a number of artists each year. From 1 July, the Trust is hosting an exhibition at Saint Saviour’s church to show off its most recent residents’ work.

The featured artists are: Sarah Bernhardt, Aisha Christison, Rosanna Dean, Sophia Freeman, Lydia Goldblatt, Vanessa Von Heydebreck, Matthew Humphreys, Catriona Leahy, Sarah Pager, Olha Pryymak, Tom Smith, Emily Whitebread.

Founded in 1990 by the painter Patrick Hamilton, the Florence Trust was created to support its residents’ artistic and professional development through mentoring, group critiques, workshops and tours – all tailored to their personal objectives.

Each of the resident artists commence their year-long residency in the Trust’s Grade-1 listed neo-Gothic church Saint Saviour’s in Highbury. The residency then culminates for the summer exhibition in July the year after.