Floating Points reissues a rare 1970s soul record

Chicago group Tomorrow’s People’s one and only album is now available to collectors at an affordable price

The reissue label Melodies International was set up by Floating Points, DJ Love On the Run, Mafalda and Javybz in 2015. Their aim is to make rare soul records available at an affordable price.

The label’s second release is the album Open Soul by Tomorrow’s People. Formed by four brothers in south Chicago, the soul group made their only record in 1976. While released into relative obscurity at first, with the master and multitrack tapes destroyed more than 20 years ago, the original record is now a collector’s item – currently going for a whopping £1,301 on eBay.

With tracks like ‘Hurt Peversion’ and ‘Lovers to Friends’, Open Soul is raw, stripped, down soul in its purest form. For those of you who might be aware of this record but have been unable to justify the big spend, this release by Melodies International – which comes with Tomorrow’s People memorabilia and an interview with one of the Burton brothers – is a godsend.