First Look: Jonathan Anderson's new Loewe book

In 'Past Present Future', the brand's new boss finds the future in a dig through the archive

Since Jonathan Anderson took the helm at Loewe, he's turned a fusty brand known for little more than its bags into one of the most coveted tickets at Fashion Week. Anderson navigated that shift with a keen understanding of what kept Loewe vibrant for almost 170 years, reworked through his eye for the new.

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To explore how his new direction relates to the brand's past, Anderson commissioned Spanish magazine editor Luis Venegas to trawl through Loewe's substantial archive, in an exploration of the brand's DNA. "He has unearthed some incredible things," says Anderson, "that show how the language of what we're doing at the house has always been there."

The 592-page book features little obvious structure – images of campaigns to products, stores to mood boards presented in without obvious order or explanatory text. But in the seemingly random, links appear between where the brand was and where it is now, in a silhouette or the way a certain fabric is used. "It’s not a book to be precious with," says Anderson. "It’s a hefty block of paper that’s meant to be used and engaged with, documenting the entire universe of the brand until now, indicating where it stands today and where it might go next." If Loewe survives another 170 years, expect Anderson's years in charge to feature heavily in the follow-up book.