Factory: Andy Warhol

An insider view of Andy Warhol's Factory, provided by a teenage Stephen Shore

When he was 17-years-old, Stephen Shore became friends with Andy Warhol and his Factory crowd. Shortly after, Shore dropped out of Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School as a senior in 1965.

Before the release of his new book Factory: Andy Warhol, the photographer said: “I’m sure my parents had hopes and dreams for me that I would graduate high school and go to college, but I think it was clear that this was just so interesting... I think they just gave up and gave in to it.”

At the time, Shore’s career had already taken off. Aged 14, he presented his photographs to Edward Steichen, curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art, who bought three. He had also begun making films.

But Warhol and his gang became Shore’s first long-term subject. He documented them for the next couple of years. Over this time, Warhol also became an artistic mentor.

In Factory: Andy Warhol, Shore said: I saw Andy making aesthetic decisions... It wasn’t anything he ever said to me. I saw these decisions happening over and over again. It awakened my send of aesthetic thought.”