Exhibition and Talk: Origins East

An exhibition and panel discussion look at the role of nightlife in East End regeneration

Origins East, which opened last week at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, is a photography exhibition that commemorates the part that 1980s and 1990s rave culture played in the regeneration of Shoreditch and Hoxton.

The exhibition features images drawn from the Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive (PYMCA), the world’s largest collection of subcultural images, which is run by the non-profit organisation Youth Club. Artists include Dave Swindells, Adam Friedman and Teddy Fitzhugh, plus regular Jocks &Nerds contributor Gavin Watson. As well as material depicting the rise of east London clubbing, the show also includes more recent pieces showing the continuance and changes in that culture today.

Prints are available to purchase, and the profits of sale will go to the Night Time Industries Association and Youth Club’s plan to create a Museum of Youth.

Tomorrow, to complement the show, a roundtable will be held at the same venue. Chaired by DJ and writer Bill Brewster, it will see Swindells and Watson discuss their work, and the significance of nightlife in creating the contemporary East End.