Exhibition: In Darkness, Light

Jocks&Nerds contributor Lawrence Watson mounts an exhibition for the addiction charity Spitalfields Crypt Trust

The Spitalfields Crypt Trust (SCT) is a charity that provides support for people who have become addicted to drugs and alcohol, a significant number of whom are homeless. It works to lift people out of such situations, and to deflate the stigma that often surrounds such issues.

To celebrate its 50th birthday, the SCT has opened an exhibition at Shoreditch's Print Space gallery. In Darkness, Light features portraits by photographer and Jocks&Nerds contributor Lawrence Watson, who once had a studio opposite the SCT offices.

The portraits depict a variety of celebrities, many of who have struggled with addiction. Some of these have been directly helped by SCT, while others have become supporters of the charity. They include Jonathan Pryce, Ken Loach, Paul Weller, Jo Wood, Noel Gallagher and Michael Horovitz, among others.

As a reference to the SCT’s establishment in the 1960s, the photographs evoke the portraits of that era. A sharp contrast between light and shade highlights the cultural connotations of these two terms.

In Darkness, Light also includes video interviews with some of the participants, created by filmmaker Robert Chilcott.

In a statement announcing the exhibition, SCT’s chief executive Graham Marshall said “rather than show more pictures of people destitute on the streets, these photos show people who are coming through to the other side. Their bravery in taking part in this is inspiring.”