Exhibition: Daniele Tamagni and James Barnor

London's October Gallery showcases a pair of photographers concerned with the way fashion is able to shape identities across the world

Bloomsbury's October Galley is to stage a joint exhibition of two photographers: Ghanaian pioneer James Barnor and Daniele Tamagni, winner of the 2007 Canon Young Photographer Award. The pair are linked by a concern with the way fashion can shape identity.

Tamagni, a trained art historian, has spent his career travelling around the world to document fashion and subculture. His work has taken him to Johannesburg, Brazzaville, Nairobi and Dakar. Tamagni's book Fashion Tribes is out now.

Barnor, born in 1929, belongs to a much older generation. He began work as a studio photographer in Africa, but soon moved into shooting street scenes in both 50s Ghana and swinging London. He also worked as a photojournalist for the anti-apartheid magazine Drum.