EP: Luv Cry

The south London-based singer Samuel returns with his second EP, out on Big Dada

The singer Samuel comes from a Traveller background in Ireland. After a period of homelessness, he earned a music scholarship to Goldsmiths University in south London, where he is currently based.

Samuel's second EP Luv Cry mixes his R&B vocals with productions from Kwes (Warp Records), Ozkharp (Hyperdub) and Lockah (Donky Pitch). It follows Fallin Star, which was released on Technicolour in 2013.

Luv Cry, which is out on Big Dada, will be available on vinyl, CD and digital on 10 June. Speaking before the release, Samuel said the EP was a medium for “confessions, offerings to a loved one... stuff I can’t give, say, do, day to day.”