DJ Amir: Buena Música Y Cultura

Released by Barely Breaking Even, DJ Amir's latest compilation gathers 60s and 70s dance music from New York with a Latin flavour

The Boston-based DJ Amir has curated a compilation of Latin-inflected dance music from the 1960s and 70s, nearly all of which was recorded in New York. DJ Amir Presents Buena Música Y Cultura is released by Barely Breaking Even (BBE) records.

Salsa and gaguancó, with their dancefloor-friendly, upbeat sounds, predominate on the album. Many of the featured artists, such as Joey Pastrana and Louie Colon, were local legends in New York's Latin neighbourhoods, but never penetrated beyond that community.

Amir Abdullah AKA DJ Amir is a hip hop historian, crate-digger and DJ with a longstanding passion for discovering and disseminating deep cuts. He is also half of the duo Kon & Amir. Earlier this year, he released Time Is Wasting, a long-lost album by an as-yet enigmatic lost singer named TJ.