Design Museum: Designer Maker User

The Design Museum's new permanent collection show explores the stories and processes behind design objects

London's Design Museum has announced the title of its new permanent collection exhibition, which will be available to attend free of charge.

Designer Maker User, which opens on 24 November at the museum's new home in Kensington, will feature around 1,000 items of 20th and 21st century design. The objects – which include a Tube map, an AK47 and a pair of Louboutin heels – come from product design, architecture, engineering, fashion, graphics and digital technology. The exhibition was curated by Justin McGuirk, the institution's chief curator.

These items shall be organised into three main sections following the words in the show's title. "Designer" shall focus on the thought-process of designers, "Maker" on the story of manufacturing, and "User" on the interaction between consumers and brands.

The exhibition opens with a 50-entry history of design's key moments, from Wedgwood tableware to post-modernism. It also includes 200 objects that have been crowdsourced based on public nominations. Chosen by people in 25 countries, they focus on the design traits of the every day.

According to the museum's director Deyan Sudjic, "The museum’s collection display is not a chronological timeline or simply a collection of design’s greatest hits. We are investigating what objects and products mean, and demonstrating to our visitors that the story behind how they are made is as important as their final appearance."