A Photographic Portrait of Cuba

Lee Vincent Grubb travelled to Cuba for Jocks&Nerds, shortly after the US relaxed its sanctions on the island nation

In 2008, Fidel Castro resigned after 32 years as Cuba's president. In June 2015, the US and Cuba reached a deal to reopen their embassies and re-establish relations for the first time since 1961.

Shortly after the relaxation of the US’s sanctions against Cuba, Jocks&Nerds photographer Lee Vincent Grubb travelled to the island to capture life in Havana and Trinidad.

Passing by the country’s characteristic colourful houses and clutters of old American cars, Grubb was met with a warm welcome by its locals. Some even invited him inside their homes so that he could take their portraits.

“Having a wander about revealed lots of places you could pitch up and chat to pretty much anybody,” says Grubb. “In most bars a whole bottle of rum was cheaper than two beers, which helped bridge the language barrier. Chatting to a group of guys in dresses working the night and a champion Lucha wrester at the same joint: good times.”