Compilation: DJ Format's Psych Out

DJ Format presents a compilation of the out-there psychedelic rock he wishes he could play on the weekend

The Brighton-based hip-hop artist DJ Format AKA Matt Ford has prepared a new compilation for Barely Breaking Even (BBE) records.

Available on 2xLP and CD, DJ Format’s Psych Out is a 14-track sequence of obscure psychedelic rock, selected from artists across the world. It contains the sort of out-there tracks that Ford wishes he was able to play in weekend club sets.

The compilation came about when Ford’s search for an obscure seven-inch put him in touch with BBE’s Jake Holloway. After discovering Ford’s passion for psych, Holloway invited him to curate a record on BBE.

Though varied in tone, most of the album’s tracks blend distorted guitars with heavy percussion. Highlights include the 49th Blue Streak’s fuzzed rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Foxy Lady’, The CT Four Plus’ hymnal ‘Exodus II’ and Rainbow Family’s grinding ‘Travellin’ Lady.’