Circulations 2016

This year's edition of Circulations festival features 51 young European photographers, including eight selected by the French designer Agnès B.

The 2016 edition of Circulations festival, held at Le-Centquartre-Paris, opens on 26 March. Dedicated to promoting young photographers from across Europe, this year’s line-up exhibits 51 practitioners, spread across a jury selection, and as residencies and guest artists.

Fashion designer Agnès B. serves as the sponsor, with carte blanche to add her own favourites to the programme. Her choices are Poussier Marion, Céline Villegassix and six members of Spain’s Blank Paper collective.

Highlights of the jury selection include The Bears by the London-based Alejandra Carles-Tolra, which portrays the women’s rugby team at Brown University; Anna Filipova’s Arctic Coal, which shows coal mining on the isolated island of Svalbard; and Laurent Kronental’s Souvenir d’un Futur, which depicts the startling architecture of the Parisian banlieue and the people that inhabit it.

The 2016 festival will mark Circulations’ sixth consecutive year. In 2015, it attracted almost 50,000 visitors.

Set in a vast 19th-century funerary house, Le Centquatre-Paris is an arts centre devoted to contemporary work. Opened in 2008, it is publicly funded. Along with galleries and auditoria, it contains open studios and spaces for arts groups to gather.