Chanel: The Enigma

Isabelle Fiemeyer's new biography offers a close look at the fashion designer Coco Chanel's long and mysterious life

Although she was likely the most famed fashion designer of the 20th century, Coco Chanel's long life still remains shrouded in mystery.

Chanel: The Engima, a new illustrated biography by fashion historian and Chanel expert Isabelle Fiemeyer, aims to provide an unprecedented insight into Chanel's life, revealing the woman that lay beyond the cultivated public image.

It counterpoises her triumphant career with the tumultuous tragedies that marked much of her life, revealing new layers while unpacking the myths surrounding her.

Fiemeyer's own newly unearthed research is juxtaposed with the illustrious voices of those who lived, worked and collaborated with Chanel.