Brazil 2014 Spaces and Places

Broadcasted internationally, Brazilians as the hosts for this year’s World Cup displayed their pain and anguish to the world when they experienced a loss of 7-1 to the German team in the semi-finals at the Belo Horizonte stadium.

A week before, just after the Brazil v Chile match in which the host nation just slid by with a win on penalties, photographer Kingsley Davis took to the Copacabana beach to capture the mix of locals celebrating, and the expressions on their faces, with this series of portraits.

“It is difficult to imagine a more spontaneous and vibrant beach party than this one,” says Davis. "The pictures focus on a particular time after Brazil had almost got knocked out of the tournament. The tension and relief was truly something to behold

These images from the beach are part of a larger project by Davis, titled Brazil 2014 Spaces and Places, where he spent the summer capturing life around the World Cup.“The aim was to document the people as well as some of the opposition and protests to the tournament," says Davis. "I was aware there was an 'untold story' to tell and wanted capture elements of this”.