Book: Us and Them

Photographers Helmut Newton and his wife June AKA Alice Springs were married for over 50 years. A book from Taschen compiles images they took of themselves and celebrities

A new book from Taschen looks at the private and public life shared by the famed 20th century fashion photographer Helmut Newton and his wife, the actress and photographer June Newton AKA Alice Springs.

Us and Them is a collection of photographs taken by Helmut and June. It is divided into two sections.

The ‘Us’ section includes the pair’s portraits of each other and themselves. Alice captures Helmut on set with his models, in the shower and even wearing a pair of heels, while Helmut captures Alice in the kitchen, in costume, and hanging up the washing it the nude.

‘Them’ features Helmut and June’s pictures of celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve, Charlotte Rampling, David Hockney, Dennis Hopper, Karl Lagerfeld, and Timothy Leary.

Helmut Newton met his wife June while living in Australia in the 1940s. Named June Browne at the time, she was an actress who performed under the stage name June Brunell. The pair married in 1948 – a time when Newton’s career as a fashion photographer was on the rise. In the 1950s they moved to London after Helmut was offered a contract with British Vogue. Newton’s career then brought them to Paris, where they lived throughout the 1960s.

In 1970, June stepped in for her husband as a photographer when he was ill during a shoot for Gitanes cigarettes. This marked the beginning of her career as a photographer – which she continued under the pseudonym Alice Springs.