Book: Dead Man’s Blues

The novel Dead Man’s Blues written by Ray Celestin is a historical fiction based in 1930s Mafia-dominated Chicago. The book is out now on Mantle.

Similarly to Guy Ritchie’s screenplays Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, Ray Celestin novel starts with several disturbing events taking place. Located in 1928 Chicago, a time in which Al Capone rules over the Windy City of Illinois. A group of city leaders is poisoned in a hotel. A white gangster is found mutilated in an alleyway in the Black Belt. A famous heiress vanishes without a trace.

While the detectives Michael Talbot and Ida Davis with the help of Louis Armstrong, are on a mission to find the heiress, crime scene photographer Jacob Russo embarks on his own investigation to solve the Black Belt murder. On the orders of Al Capone, who suspects having a traitor in his own ranks, the fixer Dante Sanfelippo investigates in a city he though he would never return to.

As all three parties edge closer to the truth, their paths will cross and their lives will be threatened.