Book: Beyond the Body

A new book from Steidl features photographs by Tomasz Gudzowaty, curated by fellow photographer Nan Goldin

Beyond the Body is a collaboration between photographers Nan Goldin and Tomasz Gudzowaty. The book features Gudzowaty’s photographs, as curated by Goldin, and demonstrates the multiplicity of meaning that can be created through the interaction of images.

The book, published by Steidl, came about from a chance meeting between Gudzowaty and Goldin in Amsterdam. Although both are photographers, their subject matter and approach to the medium are very different. Goldin is known for her candid images of the LGBT community, while Gudzowaty has won numerous prizes as a sports photographer, including the National Press Photographers’ Association’s Best of Photojournalism award.

Goldin has drawn on Gudzowaty’s extensive black and white portfolio to create a coffee-table tome that showcases individuals pushing themselves to their physical limits. These awe-inspiring images are sporadically accompanied by texts that relay the subjects' stories.