Aphex Twin Cheetah EP

Warp is releasing the Cheetah EP, Aphex Twin’s follow-up to the album Syro

Aphex Twin’s anticipated follow-up to 2014's Syro, the Cheetah EP, is out on the London electronic music label Warp on 8 July.

The Irish-born British electronic artist Richard “Aphex Twin” James produced seven tracks for the EP. Alongside two radio premieres from Cheetah, Aphex Twin released a video to one of the tracks 'CIRKLON3', which was directed by a 12-year-old gamer Ryan Wyer. James discovered Wyer, who is from Fingal, County Dublin, after watching his Youtube gaming videos on epic1:40d Gaming. Wyer's video includes a group children in Aphex Twin masks masks and T-shirts.

Under the pseudonym Aphex Twin, Richard D. James recorded over six studio albums – four of which were released in the 1990s. Making beats and melodies out of every-day objects, his music covers a range of styles and moods. Every album he released pushed the boundaries of electronic music. After the release of Drukqs in 2001, he had a seven-year recording hiatus, ending with 2014's Syro, which is arguably his most musically-complex studio album.