Aitor Throup: G-Star Raw’s New Creative Director

Following three years as G-Star Raw's creative consultant, Aitor Throup is now appointed as the brand's creative director

After three years as a creative consultant for denim brand G-Star Raw, designer Aitor Throup has now become the brand’s creative director.

Known for his work with C.P. Company and Stone Island, designer Throup teamed up with G-Star on a range of projects. This included the ‘What is RAW?’ advertising campaign and the RAW Research collection, which used selvedge denim in two separate states: rigid untreated raw denim and bleached-white denim.

Commonly shortened to just G-Star, G-Star RAW is a Dutch brand with a denim focus. Founded in 1989 by Jos van Tilburg, its garments draw inspiration from vintage streetwear and military outfits. It now boasts 14 flagships, and is sold in 6,500 shops worldwide.