Book: African Catwalk

The Swedish photographer Per-Anders Pettersson has been documenting fashion shows across Africa for the last five years

Swedish photographer Per-Anders Pettersson has been a photographer for over 30 years. His book African Catwalk heads behind the scenes of African fashion shows.

The book features portraits of models and catwalk scenes, as well as spectators of the shows. Pettersson is based in Cape Town, and came across the fashion industry in Johannesburg in 2009 when he was documenting South Africa's middle class. He discovered a large creative community and has been taking pictures of the colourful fashion scene and the creative minds within it since 2010.

Pettersson has attended over 40 fashion weeks around Africa, including the main shows in Cape Town, Dakar and Johannesburg.

Thanks to his dedication in documenting the African fashion industry, Pettersson's work has become recognised internationally. In the introduction to the book, senior editor of Vogue Italia Alessia Glaviano describes how Pettersson’s photographs show African culture in a new light:

“The work of Per-Anders Pettersson, focusing on creative talents and the rise of the African fashion industry – free of any prejudice or stereotype – becomes an important element in the process of the restoration of the erroneous perception of this amazing, multifaceted continent.”

African Catwalk is designed by Kehrer Design, and features texts written by Alessia Glaviano, Allana Finley, Simone Cipriani and Stella Jean – all of whom work in the fashion industry.