DVD: Absolute Beginners 30th Anniversary

Starring and soundtracked by the late David Bowie, the musical film Absolute Beginners celebrates its 30th anniversary

Starring and soundtracked by the recently deceased David Bowie, the musical film Absolute Beginners by Julien Temple gets a 30th anniversary DVD and Blu-ray re-release on 25 July.

The musical is set in London in the late 1950s. A time in which teenage culture emerged, with interests shifting from jazz and early rock to a new generation of popular music. It was also a time when racial tension was high. Crucial scenes in the film depict the 1958 Notting Hill race riots.

Released in 1986, Absolute Beginners follows a struggling photographer and jazz fan named Colin (Eddie O'Connell) as he tries to win over the fame-hungry fashion designer Crepe (Patsy Kensit). In order to do so, he tries to become a success himself.

Directed by the British director Julien Temple, the production is based on Colin MacInnes’s renowned novel of the same name. Its theme song was written by David Bowie, but also includes music from the likes of Ray Davies, the Style Council, Sade, Jerry Dammers, Slim Gaillard, Gil Evans and Working Week.

Englishmen Julien Andrew Temple was born in London in November 1952. While studying at King’s College Cambridge, he developed his love for cinema after discovering the French director Jean Vigo. His interest quickly expanded into the early punk scene in London, 1976. There he became friends with the Sex Pistols and created his first documentary Sex Pistols Number 1, followed by The Great Rock And Roll Swindle in 1980.

Next to a multitude of movies and documentaries, Julien Temple also directed many music videos for the likes of Neil Young, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, Paul McCartney and Depeche Mode.