10 tracks: Space Dimension Controller

The Northern Irish producer picks the cuts that inspired his upcoming EP

After his first EP The Love Quadrant in 2009, Northern Ireland’s Jack Hamill AKA Space Dimension Controller made waves with a series of 12-inch releases and a debut album on Renaat Vandepapeliere’s R&S label – all infused with his unique brand of future funk and astro boogie-infused techno.

Followed by his sophomore on Ninja Tune, Orange Melamine, Hamill has returned to R&S with the Exostack EP. With edits from Swedish producer Kornel Kovacs and Minimal Violence, the EP possess harks back to his original sound. “It was less about the over arcing narrative to my music and more about the dancefloor,” says Hamill. “I just started whistling the melody and it all came together fast.”

And why go back to R&S? “Renaat is just a character and the history of the label speaks for itself – a genre defining early ‘90s rave label with its head now firmly in modern dance music.”

We caught up with Hamill before the release of Exostack to hear about his favourite tracks.

Suburban Knight - The Worlds

A great B-side and one of those timeless dance records.

Voodoo Child -  Voodoo Child (Poor in New York remix)

Urbanized sonic warfare and a classic record on the label.

CJ Bolland - Ravesignal III (Horsepower Exclusive Remix)

Just an amazing remix from the godfathers of dubstep.

Dave Angel - Stairway to Heaven

This whole record is just insanely good.

Ryoh Mitomi - Radio 8

Bleepy piece of futurism from the later releases from the label.

B-Art - Baby Wants to Ride

EBM is one of my fav genres and this has all the connotations of a great EBM record.

N.R.G - The Real Hardcore (Core Mix)

Scandalously good rave music and subtle beauty in the breakdown.

Space Opera - Electrowave

I love how weird this record gets and can either make or break a dancefloor.

Lone - Crystal Caverns

Fucking great guy and a real slice of new era rave music lubed with crystallised pop.

Talaboman - The Night Land

Great new record from these two and defo gonna be a big year for the label.